Miraculous Tiger Panjas bracelet

$69.00 USD 

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Juleka Couphène is Luka’s twin sister and Rose’s best friend. The latter both know that, behind her goth look and her lack of self-confidence, Juleka is extremely talented. She’s the real rock star of the band Kitty Section and of the Couphène family. Juleka is the holder of the Miraculous of the tiger, which grants the power of elation. With the help of her kwami Roarr, she transforms into Purple Tigress.

  • Copper pink gold plated
  • Rings and bracelet are adjustable
  • Bracelet width: 1" / 13,5mm
  • Rings width: 0,5" / 8,5mm
  • Bracelet chain : 1,5" / 39mm
  • Rings chains : 1,18" / 30mm

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