Miraculous Mouse Camouflage Necklace


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Mylene is a committed environmentalist who gets involved in every effort to preserve the global climate. On the outside, Mylene seems very confident, but she is actually afraid of a lot of things. Mylene fights each of these fears with the help of her boyfriend Ivan. She now has a badge to fight each of her fears.  Her favorite badge is the Miraculous of the mouse Ladybug entrusted her with, which grants the power of multiplication. With the help of her kwami Mullo, she transforms into Polymouse.

Note: The sending box is only for shipping safety purposes if you want a box to present your miraculous collection we suggest the wooden box.

  • Material: Prehnite
  • Colors: Green
  • Pendant Size : 3cm
  • Chain Types: Black Elastic Rope Chain, 45cm

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