Miraculous Marinette Earrings (Clip-On)


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Hide your Miraculous by wearing this Camouflage Ladybug earring and keep your identity as the new Ladybug Miraculous holder a secret as Marinette does. Protect your identity so the villains can’t find you in your everyday life.

The Kwami associated with the Ladybug Miraculous is Tikki. The Ladybug Miraculous grants its holder the power of creation. The Ladybug Miraculous is the only one that can repair every damage caused by Hawk Moth and every villain she fights against. But be careful not to use Ladybug and Cat Noir’s powers together.

This Camouflage Ladybug earring Miraculous is the perfect gift for every Miraculous Fan. Made in Sterling Silver, you can wear them safely without fearing any allergic reaction. This Miraculous is ideal for your official Miraculous Ladybug collection. The accuracy of this Miraculous will delight every Marinette cosplayer.  

You don't have your ears pierced? it's ok! You can also find the clip on Miraculous earrings. 

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  • Sterling Silver
  • Non-allergenic
  • "Marinette" Earrings
  • ZAG engraving
  • Metallic finish
  • 10mm
  • Clip-On

Note: The one you will receive does not light up or make any sound, it is pure jewelry.

Note: The sending box is only for shipping safety purposes if you want a box to present your miraculous collection we suggest the wooden box. 

Customer Reviews

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Very good earrings, tho it did take its time but for earrings like that it's well worth it. Would recommend it!!


They were awesome and amazing

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